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Curriculum Resource Guide for the exhibition Arthur Szyk and the Art of the Haggadah, on view Feb 13–Jun 29, 2014 at The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco.

This curriculum resource guide is designed to help teachers of students in grades 7—12 to explore themes of Passover and social activism through the work of Arthur Szyk. Complete with background information for teachers about Szyk and his illuminated Haggadah, the resource also offers detailed questions for visual analysis of illustrations from the Haggadah, as well as suggestions for activities to connect contemporary life with Passover themes of oppression and redemption.

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  • Introduction to Arthur Szyk and the Art of the Haggadah
  • Suggested Activities and Discussions
    • Passover Focus
    • Exploring Haggadot
  • A Close Look at The Szyk Haggadah
    • Ma Nishtana: Illuminating the Passover Story
    • The Bread of Affliction: Zionism, Biblical Stories, Jewish Heroism
    • The Four Sons: Szyk and 1930s politics
    • In Every Generation: Connection Throughout History
  • Passover and Contemporary Life
    • Personalized Haggadah
    • Passover Political Cartoons

Arthur Szyk and the Art of the Haggadah is organized by The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco. Patron sponsorship for the exhibition is provided by The Jim Joseph Foundation and Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture. Supporting sponsorship has been provided by The Arthur Szyk Society and BNY Mellon Wealth Management.
The Contemporary Jewish Museum is supported by the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund. Major support for The Contemporary Jewish Museum’s exhibitions and Jewish Peoplehood Programs comes from the Koret Foundation.

School and Teacher Programs at The Contemporary Jewish Museum are made possible by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Leadership support comes from The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation with additional generous support from Ullendorf Memorial Foundation. 

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