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The CJM has partnered with the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) to create booklists for young learners that celebrate Jewish life and culture. These are intended for use by parents, caregivers, and teachers of children in preschool–8th grade. Explore picture and chapter book offerings below, or visit your local SFPL branch.

Picture Books Celebrating Jewish Life and Culture

This list of picture books is intended for students in grades K–4. Delight in stories around the many ways of being Jewish today, learn about historical Jewish figures and events, experience different Jewish traditions from across the globe, and read about intercultural families and friendships.

An array of colorful picture book covers.
Chapter Books Celebrating Jewish Life and Culture

 Explore a list of chapter books celebrating Jewish life and culture for students in grades 3–8. Delve into the richness of Jewish life with chapter books designed to expand the horizons of elementary and middle school readers. These books include stories of coming of age, disability, intercultural families, history, fantasy, diversity of Jewish life, and antisemitism.   

An array of colorful chapter book covers