Modern Jewish Minimalists: Awesöme Orchestra Performs Steve Reich and Philip Glass

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017 • 6:45–7:45pm

ADMISSION: $5 Members; $10 general, advance tickets required for seating.

In conjunction with The 613 by Archie Rand, contemporary classical musicians perform works by twentieth-century Jewish minimalist composers. The concerts take place in the galleries among the paintings. Awesöme Orchestra will perform Steve Reich’s “Nagoya Marimbas,” and Philip Glass’ “Cabin in the Rockies,” “To Aunt Rose,” and “Wichita Vortex Sutra.” 

About Awesöme Orchestra

From a flash mob at BART to flooding the stage of the Fox Theater with musicians, Awesöme Orchestra seeks musical adventures. In spring of 2013, conductor David Möschler called up a bunch of Bay Area musicians for an experiment—an open music reading session, with Beethoven, Bolero, and beer. Over fifty people showed up. They realized immediately that they had created something special: a musical group dedicated to being accessible on every level. What began as a small collective of friends playing music together has grown into a community that spans the Bay Area. Today, over 1000 local musicians have played in Awesöme Orchestra.


about the conductor
David Möschler
Conductor and Founding Artistic Director

David Möschler is an award-winning musical director and conductor. Equally at home in a pit orchestra, rock band, concert stage, jazz band, recording studio, or academia, he has music-directed over one hundred productions for American Conservatory Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theater, San Jose Repertory, and many other local theaters. Möschler received his MA in Music from UC Davis in 2010. He founded Awesöme Orchestra in 2013 and conducts its sessions every month.

Image Credit

Awesome Orchestra photos by Dave Weiland.