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The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM), the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL), and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) are pleased to announce the winners of the seventh annual Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Celebration on the West Coast! Students from San Francisco Public Schools in grades K–12 were invited to design, write, and create their own books. 

Nearly seventy-five books from seventeen schools were submitted and reviewed by our panel of judges, comprising artists, librarians, and educators. Thank you to our judges: Lyn Davidson, Assistant Manager, Fisher Children’s Center, SFPL; Jasmin Serim, Senior Program Specialist, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families; Andrea Guskin, Education Programs Manager: Family and Studio Arts, The CJM; Rachelle Resnick, Supervisor Emeritus, SFUSD Library Services; and Soleil Summer, illustrator and bookmaker.

Designed to promote the art and craft of original bookmaking in the classroom, this bookmaking competition is inspired by the work of Caldecott winner Ezra Jack Keats, the creator of over twenty children’s books, including the classic The Snowy Day. He was motivated to pursue a career as an author/illustrator as the result of an art achievement medal he received while attending public school in Brooklyn, New York.


First Place

What Do You See in the Sea? Second Grade, El Dorado

Second Place (Tie)

B24’s Amazing Animal Book, Second Grade, Rooftop 

Our Fish Book: Pacific Ocean, Second Grade, Sunset

Third Place (Tie)

The Way our City Works with Animals that Talk, First Grade, Commodore Sloat 

Bunny and the Instrument Adventure, First Grade, Rooftop

Special Recognition for Expressive Content 

Nuestros Sentientos, Kindergarten, Emociones Mezclados, First Grade

AsÍ es Cómo Me Siento, Second Grade, Mission Education Center

Elementary Category

First Place

Dog House, Jacqueline Ibarra, Fifth Grade, San Francisco Public Montessori

Second Place

Cinderellie, Cate Smith, Fifth Grade, Jefferson

Third Place (Tie)

The Monster Who Moved, Cole Campbell, Fifth Grade, Grattan

The Escape, Jasper Cook and Caleb Darling Lempert, Fourth Grade, Rooftop

Special Recognition for Comedic Writing 

How to Slingshot a Bunny into a Blackhole, Oona Harte, Third Grade, Rooftop

The House of Comics, Mingus Blanco-Norberg and Tejal Stalzer, Fourth Grade, Rooftop

The Aftermath of… Puberty Class, Lily Hannan and Lida Sampson, Fifth Grade, Argonne

Special Recognition for Creative Construction

Guess My Animal, Lily Deng and Geraldine Ramirez, Fifth Grade, Guadalupe

Guess My Animal, Tanya Trejo and Nathalia Beltran, Fifth Grade, Guadalupe

Middle School

First Place (Tie)

The Unrealistic, Overdramatic Tale of Soccer Pigeons, Amia Ma, Seventh Grade, Gateway

The Story of My Life, Indigo Morgenstern, Sixth Grade, Everett

Second Place

My Kind of Woman, Lia Roth and Finley Caulfield, Sixth Grade, Aptos

Third Place

The Stuffie Thief, Isabella Ting and Hayden Caulfield, Sixth Grade, Aptos

High School

First Place

The Messenger, Brenda Galeas Veliz, Twelfth Grade, Burton

Second Place

Watergating, Judy Wen, Twelfth Grade, Washington

Third Place (Tie)

Can You See? Shiya Huong, Twelfth Grade, Washington

Name, Jada Woodberry, Ninth Grade, Burton

Special Recognition for Visual Portrayal of Environmental Justice 

Hungry Planet, Francesca Espinosa, Ninth Grade, Burton

Vanish, Isabel Bahamonde-Partlan, Twelfth Grade, Washington


Family Programs are made possible with major support from Bank of America and Koret Foundation. Supporting sponsorship is provided by Naomi and Jeffrey Caspe. Additional support comes from Yerba Buena Community Benefit District and Blick Art Materials.

The Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition is made possible by Ullendorff Memorial Foundation and Ezra Jack Keats Foundation.