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When I first came on board three years ago, The CJM had established itself as one of the Bay Area’s most distinguished and innovative institutions. The CJM is highly regarded in the Jewish community as an institution in which there is pride and great anticipation for the future. 

our road map to the future

In planning for the next several years, we're working with our strong and devoted Board of Trustees and its remarkable mix of expertise, experience, age-range, and passion for the mission. Our Board is strategic, committed, and generous, and works well together with our Staff on this galvanizing social enterprise around Jewish continuity and artistic innovation.

Our immediate goals for the next few years are to further activate The CJM by commissioning new works of art for the public areas of our space, such as the beautiful Lamp of the Covenant that now hangs above the Koret Taube Grand Lobby, and to create a mix of exhibitions and public programs on art, history, and pop culture. We intend to pioneer site-specific performances, expand our digital footprint with a new and dynamic website, and engage in synergistic, strategic partnerships with other arts institutions.


build audiences
  • Remove barriers to engage and expand audience
  • Attract younger demographic
  • Win recognition as a “Jewish place” that is welcoming and inclusive
  • Reinforce and nurture loyalty and trust in The CJM brand


Harness the Digital Possibilities
  • Vividly deliver on our mission by investing in digital technology
  • Grow fundraising success with stronger digital interface
  • Become a platform for new ways to experience The CJM
  • Enhance IT/AV technology in house to improve productions values of our own programs and to drive increased revenue through facilities rentals
  • Use digital technology to create unique online experiences and thus grow the audience for The CJM on a global scale


Mobilize critical resources
  • Build a staff that can achieve our goals and results
  • Create revenue culture
  • Invest in infrastructure


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Gary Sexton Photography