current exhibitions

In That Case: Havruta in Contemporary Art—Oxossi Ayofemi and Risa Wechsler

Jul 26, 2018–Jul 30, 2019

Visual artist Oxossi Ayofemi and her chosen havruta partner, groundbreaking Stanford physicist Risa Wechsler, infuse the concept of dark matter and dark energy with notions of power, blackness, diaspora, economy, and utopian imagination. What if our city and economy were built from a metaphor of abundance instead of scarcity?

upcoming exhibitions

Show Me as I Want to Be Seen

Feb 7, 2019–Jul 7, 2019

How do we depict “the self” if it is unknowable, inherently constructed, and ever changing? How does the concept of portraiture shift when categories are in crisis, and visibility itself is problematic?

past exhibitions

Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress, from the Collection of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Aug 30, 2018–Jan 6, 2019

Clothing is intended to cover our bodies, but it also uncovers. To what extent is our choice of dress freely made, and how do our surroundings affect our decisions? This exhibition will focus on how clothes balance the personal with the social, how dress traditions distinguish different Jewish communities, and how they portray Jewish and secular affiliations within a larger societal context. These exquisite objects from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries demonstrate how diverse global cultures have thrived, interacted and inspired each other for centuries.