current exhibitions

What We Hold: A Youth Audio Project

Apr 14, 2019–Mar 15, 2020

Featuring over fifty individual audio works created by teens, reflecting on stories of migration, language, passion, persistence, tradition, bridging distance, and love. 

upcoming exhibitions

Daria Martin: Tonight the World

Jun 27, 2019–Feb 19, 2020

Bay Area-born artist Daria Martin’s newly-commissioned, multimedia installation explores the dreams and memories of her grandmother, Susi Stiassni, who fled the former Czechoslovakia from the imminent Nazi occupation in 1938.

past exhibitions

What We Hold: Youth Voices on Roots and What Matters Most

Mar 25, 2018–Mar 25, 2019

What shapes us? What family stories become our core stories? What pieces of ourselves are formed and reformed from our heritage? What We Hold features individual audio segments from over seventy teens, each reflecting on the people, moments, and voices that have imprinted on their identities. These compelling recordings offer a rare window into personal reflections of youth today.