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current exhibitions

First Light: Rituals of Glass and Neon Art

Dec 7, 2023–Apr 28, 2024

An exhibition curated by She Bends

First Light: Rituals of Glass and Neon Art explores mastery in craft as a devotional pursuit, presenting breathtaking artworks that connect both artists and viewers to spirituality, wonder, and universal questions of human existence. The exhibiting artists utilize both science and art as equally noble methods to explore the mysteries of the universe and its reflection in their consciousness. The exhibition features artworks in neon, glass, and plasma, large-scale sculptures, and installations that invite you to learn about fascinating scientific processes, and inspire deeper contemplation of the role of light in our quest to understand our place in the universe. Through these works, the artists gain an intimate understanding of light as a profound and transformative force. Experience awe, make spiritual connections, and discover the science and craft of neon and glass artwork.

First Light: Rituals of Glass and Neon Art is an exhibition by She Bends, an organization dedicated to building a more equitable future for neon art through public education, curatorial projects, and artist programs that foster diversity and sustainability.

upcoming exhibitions

California Jewish Open

Jun 6, 2024–Oct 20, 2024

The Museum’s first major open call exhibition invited Jewish-identifying artists in California to submit artworks in response to a central question: How are artists looking to the many aspects of Jewish culture, identity, and community to foster, reimagine, hold, or discover connection? The resulting exhibition brings together the work of forty-seven artists reflecting on their connection to Judaism, the world, and their own history. Through a wide range of media, including paintings, sculptures, interactive video games, video works, photographs, and more, the California Jewish Open illustrates some of the myriad ways in which these artists’ Jewish identity informs their connection to the world at large—and offers a window into the universal human need for connection in all its complexity.

past exhibitions

Virtual Exhibition—What We Hold: A Youth Audio Project

Apr 16, 2023–Mar 31, 2024

The teen years are instrumental in the creation of a sense of self. They are also a critical time in the creation of what psychologists from The Family Narrative Lab at Emory University call the “intergenerational self”—a self embedded within a larger familial history. In the sixth iteration of What We Hold, teens have created individual audio recordings reflecting on and connecting with their families' stories of love, inheritance, and identity.